Narcissistic Abuse

What is narcissistic abuse? The phrase refers to a specific kind of emotional abuse perpetrated by those who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. Low empathy and a sense of inferiority in those with NPD can result in destructive, poisonous, and abusive behaviours. It can be extremely difficult to go through narcissistic abuse.

Such abuse involves intense love as well as feelings of devaluation and rejection for failing to meet their partner's needs. If your partner has narcissistic traits, you may feel disrespected, invalidated, and never good enough in your attempts to make your partner happy or secure.

Your partner may attempt to shift the blame onto you by using silence as punishment, avoiding responsibility, or refusing to communicate when you are trying to resolve an issue. The repetition and frustration of circular arguments leave your head spinning that never seem to resolve.

Cycles increase in both intensity and frequency over time, and each time you lose a little more of who you are in the process of trying to win your partner's love and approval, you experience more guilt and shame as a result of your partner's projections and criticism. Even if your partner is continuously betraying your trust, hurting your feelings, and triangulating you with other people, you could still feel helpless because you fear feeling alone or abandoned.

Although I am educated and have an understanding of this type of relationship, I cannot give advice or a diagnosis. I will, however, provide a supportive and non-judgmental space in our individual sessions to help you find a way through those challenges and learn new ways of building healthy boundaries.