Childhood Trauma and Inner Child Healing

A strategy to recognise and address childhood trauma is inner child healing. This approach acknowledges that the experiences we have as children influence the way we behave as adults.

Childhood should be a time of safety, protection, and love. But what if these requirements weren't satisfied? In that situation, it might be destructive to your adult relationships and general well-being. Perhaps your upbringing was chaotic, and you were exposed to abuse or violence. Or perhaps you felt inferior to other family members and received indifference or complete disregard.

A child who is consistently mistreated emotionally is said to be the victim of emotional abuse. Attempting to intentionally frighten, embarrass, isolate, or disregard a child is considered emotional abuse. Emotional neglect throughout childhood can harm a child's mental health and self-worth. They learn from it that their emotions are unimportant. The effects of this neglect may be severe and persistent.

Emotional expression and processing difficulties might arise from an adult's complete avoidance of emotions as a result of emotional neglect throughout childhood. An adult who experienced mistreatment as a child could have trouble recognising or processing strong emotions. Additionally, there may be a general feeling of "numbness," which is ultimately a defence mechanism.

Self-love, self-compassion, and self-awareness are encouraged by inner child healing, and these qualities make a person more aware of and able to confront their inner critic, set boundaries, and encourages playfulness and creativity. Healing the inner child will replace self-criticism with greater self-compassion, which is especially beneficial for those who find it difficult to speak to themselves gently or if they indulge in critical or negative self-talk as a result of unresolved childhood trauma.

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